Prosperity Spray 100ml

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The Prosperity blend spray contains lots of red and gold energy, as well as Divine energy that help disintegrate negative thought forms and blockages in our financial life. It helps attract prosperity and abundance, roots the basic energy center or financial center to the earth, which automatically makes the basic energy center bigger and stronger. It works great after meditation for rooting. Try feeling the energy of your basic and sole energy centers, then apply 2 drops of Prosperity oil on the soles of feet, and Basic energy centers, feel the energy and you will definitely see an increase in your basic chakra and sole energy centers. Use the Prosperity blend on the front door, on cash registers, kriyashakti journals, wallets, cheque books, and credit cards to help disintegrate negative thought forms like poverty, excessive spending, and increase the prosperity energy. It also helps neutralize contamination from paper money and coins that may have rubbed off onto your wallet or purse. Rub on telephone/mobile to help attract business. HOW TO USE Feel the energy of your wallet, then apply 1 drop of the Prosperity blend on your wallet and you should notice less poverty thought forms and the prosperity energy of the wallet is increased. To magnify the power, do a Prayer along with the use of this blend: "Angels of prosperity, please thank you for disintegrating any poverty consciousness within my system. Lord God, please disintegrate any blockages in my finances, please bless me with financial healing, and with tremendous material and financial abundance! With thanks and in full faith! So Be It!!"